New items from February 8th – Fascinators.

FAS Category

New items on the website from February 8th Fascinators.


Ideal for those Spring Weddings, especially for the Mother of the Bride  or Groom (no not the Groom his Mother!!!)


FAS001 – Large Pink Bow on Comb

FAS002 – Large Brown Ruffle on Comb

FAS003 – Black Net Ruffle on Comb

FAS004 – Pale Gray Ruffle on Comb

FAS005 – Large Turquoise Bow on Comb

FAS006 – Pale Coffee Loops

FAS007 – Lilac Net Ruffle on Comb

FAS008 – Black Feathers with Flowers on Comb

FAS009 – Small Red Ruffle on Comb

FAS010 – Pale Gray Loops with Pearls on Comb

FAS011 – Pink Chiffon and Net Ruffle on Comb

FAS012 – Lilac Loops with Mauve Ribbon on Comb

FAS013 – Large Turquoise Ruffle on Headband

FAS014 – Black Ruffle on Headband

FAS015 – Red Net Ruffle on Headband

FAS016 – Gold Chiffon Ruffle on Headband

FAS017 – Pale Coffee Loops with Flowers on Headband

FAS018 – Pale Gray Ruffle on Headband

FAS019 – Cream Ruffle with Pearls on Headband

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