New items on the website from March 28th

Green Gold Ribbon Loops

New items on the website from March 28th


As promised this week fascinators


We are offering a selection of fascinators; all these with full details are on the website I also have a Facebook page please share this and like the page.

Black Ribbon Bow on a comb FAS020

Large Pink Chiffon Ruffle on a comb FAS021

Green and gold ribbon loops on a headband FAS022

Red Chiffon Rose on a comb FAS023

Gold Chiffon ruffle on a comb FAS024

Black chiffon ruffle on a comb FAS025

Three small ivory chiffon roses on a comb FAS026


Next week back to Jewellery, I might make a couple of single stone adjustable rings and a few necklaces on different types.


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