New items on the web site from 27th July

Red Coral Agate Three Piece Set

New items on the website from 27th July


Full details are on the website I also have a Facebook page please share this and like the page.

New items on the web site from 27th July

This week includes two boxed sets one of which is a gorgeous red coral agate (which I am going to try to get some more of as it is so nice and this is all I had)

Extra long pink cord necklace with pink beads.A1085

Wire work silver coloured wire with pink ceramic beads.AW004

A very delicate style of bracelet in gold seed beads with real Fern Green

Swarovski crystals (so this one is more expensive) B0027

Red crackle beads necklace and ear rings C0048

Rose pink pearls necklace and CLIP ON EAR RINGS C0049

Blue striped agate three piece boxed set D0040

Red coral agate and black glass pearls three piece boxed set D0041


UMM   I seem to have had a pink and red week!!!!


I like red especially if it’s with black.

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