New items on the website from 7th December

Cream Gold Seven Strand Necklace

New items on the website from 7th December


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New items on the website from 7th December.


Well that’s Christmas almost here still time to buy something have a look at this week’s items.

Black and silver seed beads on a Russian spiral pendant A1116.

This is seven strands of mixed cream and golden beads (over ten hours to make hence the price)A1117.

Next there are two bracelets.

The first is in size eleven seed beads in black and turquoise in a cuffstyle B0044.

This one is a simple knot bracelet in black and lilac silky cord B0045.

A free form pendant of copper wire on a copper chain with a pair of ear rings C0072.

Turquoise acrylic lozenge on a gold plated chain with ear rings C0073.

Black beads in a necklace and bracelet with oval centre bead C0074.

That’s it for now I am off to decorate the Xmas tree and the hall.

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