New items on the website from 15th February

Blue Five Strand Necklace

New items on the website from 15th February


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New items on the website from 15th February.

A couple of five strands inter linked necklaces.


A mixture of blue pearls and beads inter linked and entwined to give a twisted effect to the necklace A1128.

This one is similar to the above but in red and cream beads A1129.

Next are two bracelets.

A bracelet of bronze rings and cream and peach beads B0061.

A simple elastic bracelet in mixed green beads B0062.


This is a set of necklace and ear rings of pretty green and silver ovals C0097.

This is a real shell on a gold plated snake style chain E0057.

A simple pair of bronze chain ear rings G0038.

Hope you all had a good Valentines Day.


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