New items on the website from 8th February

Mauve Gray Russian Spiral Silver Chain Necklace

New items on the website from 8th February


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New items on the website from 8th February.


Another Russian spiral necklace this one is in shades of lilac and gray with silver plated chain A1126.

Silver chain with a central section of two strands of black glass pearls and bi-cones this is extra long A1127.

This is a very delicate 1cm wide cuff style of bracelet, in lemon bi-cones and topaz duo beads B0059.

A memory wire bracelet in red beads and silver coloured curved beads B0060.

This is a necklace of a silver plated chain with a pendant of a double loop of Swarovski green crystals with matching ear rings C0095.

A choker necklace in glass crystals with gold beads with matching bracelet and a set of ear rings C0096.

Last item is a pair of blue bead dangle ear rings G0037.



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