New items on the website from 25th April

Red Silver Russian Spiral Necklace

New items on the website from 25th April

Full details are on the website I also have a Facebook page .


This week one of my favorite things the Russian spiral, although, it takes hours to make the finished result is very satisfying. I am using the image for this weeks blog picture.

So we start of with a Russian Spiral necklace in red and silver with silver plated chain side sections A1149.

Two necklaces with a five stand beaded centre and chain side pieces.

The first is in red mixed beads with gold plated chain A1150.

The second is blue and silver with Tibetan silver beads as a feature A1151.

A necklace in red cotton cord with red organza ribbon A1152.

A bracelet in cream 10mm pearls, with Tibetan silver disk beads B0078.

Orange and silver bracelet on memory wire B0079.

Last one for the Men a black wire pendant on a black suede cord MEN015.

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