New items on the website from 12th September

Blue Prisme Paint Oval Pendant Necklace

New items on the website from 12th September

Full details are on the website I also have a Facebook page .



This week is all about paint that’s right paint!

Four pendant in a special type of paint that changes pattern as it dry’s so each one turns out different.


First one red prisme paint in a silver plated pendant on a medium weight silver plated chain A1202.

The same pendant base and chain in blue prisme paint A1203.

This is a smaller gold plated pendant on a gold plated chain in turquoise blue pain A1204.

Gold plated pendant and chain in a cream coloured paint A1205.

Amber coloured Indian glass dandles on a chunky gold plated chain A1206.

Two necklaces set’s with matching ear rings.

The first is a pendant of light topaz coloured Swarovski crystals on a gold plated chain C0152.

Amethyst coloured rondelles as a pendant on silver plated chain with ear rings C0153.


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