New items on the website from 10th October

Dark Blue Wooden Bead Necklace

New items on the website from 10th October

Full details are on the website I also have a Facebook page .


Hopefully off to the bead show on Saturday if the stall is there I will be looking to buy some more laser dyed crystal.Also a few different beads.

These week there are a couple more necklaces in wooden beads,


A necklace in pink and gray lozenges with silver beads A1210.

This is a necklace in dark blue wooden beads with silver spacer beads A1211.

A very large chunky pendant on a silver plated chain A1212.

Two bracelets with curved beads,

The first bracelet is in black and silver B0113.

The second bracelet is in cream and gold B0114.

A bracelet of love knots in alloy rings in blue and silver B0115.

Four strands of black seed beads in a necklace and bracelet C0164.


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