New items on the website from 24th October

Burgundy Acrylic Pendant Necklace Ear Rings

New items on the website from 24th October

Hi  folks I have got as far as sorting out the crystals and beads I bought last week, there are a few ideas in mind I just need to decide which beads to use in what way!

Back to this week we have the following,

A lyre shaped pendant with a black bead A1214.

Brown beads and chocolate ribbon are the design for this necklace A1215.

A shocking pink oval pendant hung on a bronze box chain A1216.

Six strands of blue beads for this bracelet B0118.

Disco balls necklace and ear rings C0167.

Black and green two strand necklace and bracelet C0168.

Large burgundy acrylic pendant on bronze chain with matching ear rings C0169.

Full details are on the website I also have a Facebook page .

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