New items on the website from 5th June

Black Shocking Pink Seed Beads Twisted Bracelet

New items on the website from 5th June

Whoops four items last week did not publish they are B0176,C0211,C0212 and C0213 that is what happens when you go away and set things up to work automatically or not!

Please note we do not have proper broadband since the 23rd May due to a monumental screw up by BT so no e-mails got through. Currently this is still not resolved I am using 4G mobile network some e-mails are getting through, if you wish to make contact use the comments on face book  or phone me.

This weeks items (done manually)

A necklace in lime green and black seed beads A1312.

A silver oval pendant with a picture of a lilac hydrangea inset hung on a silver plated chain A1313.

A bracelet made of bronze chain with a centre feature of a blue and black acrylic bead B0177.

Black and lime green seed beads strung in a twisted pattern for this bracelet B0178.

Shocking pink and black seed beads for a double twisted design for this bracelet B0179.

Diamond shapes on a golden coloured chain for the necklace with matching ear rings C0214.

One for the men a beige suede cord with a beige oval pendant MEN019.



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