New items on the website from 11th March

Golden Bi-cones Black Bi-cones Necklace Ear Rings

New items on the website from 11th March

Sitting here listening to the howling wind, glad we are in doors.

A necklace in yellow organza and cord strung with three wooden beads £4.50 A1546.

This is the same design necklace as above this time in pink with lilac and pink beads £4.50 A1547.

A pendant of golden coloured agate hung from a gold-plated chain £6.00 A1548.

A necklace and earrings in large golden coloured bi-cones with smaller matt black bi-cones £6.50 C0291.

A pair of large hoop ear rings in red seed beads on silver-plated wires £3.50 G0084.


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