About: Who am I

I am just a regular housewife now retired. Yes, OK, you cannot retire from being a housewife I know! I spent most of my working life in accounts but when the company I was working for was taken over and the site closed down and moved to another location, although I was offered a position with them at the new location, it was just too far for me to travel so after a few months I left. I tried a few other smaller companies but it just was not the same. When work took my husband’s job to the south-west of the country, I moved down there. Found a part time job but then worked out the figures only to find that after tax etc I was working for peanuts, which just did not make sense. It was then I decided to retire.

About: How I got started.

At first, I was kept very busy sorting out the new house but when most of that was finished I had more time on my hands. I joined the local Gym but even that still did not fill my day.

Having always been good with craft type things and a keen knitter tried my hand at some knitted fashion dolls just for fun. We had so many knitted jumpers etc just do not get to wear them. There is just so many you can knit for yourself isn’t there?

One day when I was trolling though the TV channels, came across the jewellery maker channel, and watched while someone made a necklace. Um I thought I could make that, so I ordered a few bits.

Sometime later after it had sat in the spare room a good while, after comments on lack of using said items by “him indoors”!! I made myself a necklace or two and some ear rings to wear for my nieces wedding. After several people commenting you should make lots more and sell them, I decided I would so here we are now with this web site.

As all the items are hand crafted no two items are exactly the same. You, therefore, may be assured that what you get will be truly unique.

As this is just a hobby and not a full time business only a bit of fun and hopefully cover my costs and some of my time it might just allow me to have a glass or two of nice wine.


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