A1012 Rhodonite Chips Necklace


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A1012 Rhodonite Chips Necklace

A1012 – A Rhodonite chips necklace, this has been hand strung using a variety of sizes of gemstone chips. These Rhodonite chips vary in size from 0.5cm to 1cm.

Rhodonite is a Rose Pink gemstone, with Brown over tones. This is a semi precious gemstone, with varying black dendritic inclusions.

The name Rhodonite comes from the Greek word meaning ‘a rose’, which relates to its rose pink colour. These stones come in a range of colours from pale pink though to a deep rose pink almost red. Although the lighter pink stones are becoming more popular, you will see many stones that are a deeper pink with inclusions of black manganese oxide in them.

This necklace has a Silver plated bolt style fastening. The length is 43cm. This comes in a Burgundy coloured Organza bag.

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