New from 15th February

New from 15th February

February 15th introduces some more new items on the website – Bracelets.


This week a selection of twelve bracelets from £1.75 up to £8.00

B0001 Multicolour Sparkle Bead Cuff

B0002 Silver Filigree Beads

B0003 Peach Beads on Cord

B0004 Gold and Silver Diamond Wire

B0005 Bronze Chain

B0006 Copper Chain with Leaves

B0007 Crystal Rondelles Bead Cuff

B0008 Gold Filigree Beads

B0009 Small Gold and Silver Diamond Wire

B0010 Pink Kumihimo

B0011 Gray Mauve Kumihimo

B0012 Wooden Beads

Next week in the crafts section a selection of knitted fashion Dolls.

These are suitable for older girls as they have pipe cleaners in the arms and legs.

Look out for a new range coming soon Jewellery for MEN!!!!!

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