Texture is the word!!

For the new items on the website from March 14th


We are offering a selection of chenille necklaces, feather ear rings and textured Tibetan silver beads. These are listed below.


Black Chenille Kumihimo Necklace A1040

Red Chenille Kumihimo Necklace A1041

Shell Disks and opaque veined beads C0019

Tibetan silver melon beads necklace and bracelet C0020

Purple and Grey Agate Pendant E0026

Black silk tassel ear rings G0011

Purple Feather ear rings G0012

Blue Feather ear rings G0013


Not sure what next week’s items will be all depends what ideals spring to mind watch this space as they say!!!!


New Items Week Commencing 11/01/2015

This week’s new additions are

A1032 – Mixed Black beads on black cord

D0020 – Mahogany Obsidian 3 Piece Set

D0021 – Black Glass Pearls 3 Piece Set

D0022 – 3 Piece Set – Crystal Glass Chandelier earrings

E0020 – Lemon Citrine Wire-work Pendant

E0021 – Large Tear Drop Pendant – These would nicely complement the G0005 Earrings.

A new product range of Earrings

G0001 Silver Hoop Ear Rings

G0002 Gold Hoop Ear Rings

G0003 Black Chain Ear Rings

G0004 Copper Chain Ear Rings

G0005 Crystal Drop Ear Rings – These would nicely complement the E0021 necklace.

G0006 Pearl Drop Ear Rings

G0007 Brown Bead Ear Rings

G0008 Silver Rings Ear Rings

G0009 Gold Rings Ear Rings

G0010 Tibetan Silver Ear Rings