New items from February 8th – Fascinators.

New items on the website from February 8th Fascinators.


Ideal for those Spring Weddings, especially for the Mother of the Bride  or Groom (no not the Groom his Mother!!!)


FAS001 – Large Pink Bow on Comb

FAS002 – Large Brown Ruffle on Comb

FAS003 – Black Net Ruffle on Comb

FAS004 – Pale Gray Ruffle on Comb

FAS005 – Large Turquoise Bow on Comb

FAS006 – Pale Coffee Loops

FAS007 – Lilac Net Ruffle on Comb

FAS008 – Black Feathers with Flowers on Comb

FAS009 – Small Red Ruffle on Comb

FAS010 – Pale Gray Loops with Pearls on Comb

FAS011 – Pink Chiffon and Net Ruffle on Comb

FAS012 – Lilac Loops with Mauve Ribbon on Comb

FAS013 – Large Turquoise Ruffle on Headband

FAS014 – Black Ruffle on Headband

FAS015 – Red Net Ruffle on Headband

FAS016 – Gold Chiffon Ruffle on Headband

FAS017 – Pale Coffee Loops with Flowers on Headband

FAS018 – Pale Gray Ruffle on Headband

FAS019 – Cream Ruffle with Pearls on Headband